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Curling Olympics in Sochi

If I ask you what’s the most civilized sport on ice and what’s the most barbarous one on-ice? And for the second question, there’s but one reply, it is ice hockey.
“>Curling: the “chess” on ice

Maybe many individuals think that the figure skating can reveal the wonderful figure and refined dancing bearing of athlete, so they choose it as the most cultured sport. Really but this is simply not so. Since the figure skating demand training for good and actually, it’s very difficult to avoid injury. Most of athletes may have different sick and injure.

While the curling can avert such damage for athlete essentially. So what’s the curling? The captain of curling will say that it is a form of athletics which may be mastered by several years’ instruction. The curling is described by many people as a type of tasteful team sport, much like chess and also the chessboard is the ice. Moreover the student too can learn different abilities, such as the equilibrium awareness of gymnast, elegance of ballet dancer, the strength of runner along with the knowledge of grand grasp. So this athletics is very appropriate for woman.

Besides,the curling too can help to develop the human, because it places more emphasis to the contest of wisdom.

Ice hockey: the fistfights are common

As akegeesports, ice hockey differs in the cultured and tasteful curling, hockey players always play a match at highspeed. They’re quick and have significant inertia, so even they have equipments like thick safety suit. Along with the clash will additionally lead players get hurt. When they shake the cue Each other is often hurt by them. Ice hockey does not only endanger the protection of gamers, but additionally jeopardize crowd.

Except for the threat, the battle of players in match is just another “high-point” of ice-hockey. Considering that the frequent collision, high speed, hockey gamers are simple to get mad compared with other players. There’s common the struggle between man, and the gang fight is normal also.

But though this is a savage sport, you will find many girls want it. “It seems barbarous, but when you play it, it’s possible to have the incitation which can’t be get from other athletics from threat” one woman said.